June 16, 2024


Santa Barbara Harbor

Santa Barbara Harbor

Mediation is an approach to dispute resolution in which the parties voluntarily attempt to resolve their differences.  This attempt is facilitated by an independent, neutral third party, or mediator, in a voluntary, non-binding and confidential process.  Most often, a mediation occurs after the parties have initiated the litigation process.  But a mediation can take place at any time there is a dispute that the parties want to resolve.

At O’Hara & Duris, each mediation case is evaluated on an individual basis. The mediation is shaped by the unique needs of the clients.  Maureen and Patrick mediate cases individually or as co-mediators. Experience has shown that two mediators can facilitate more rapid settlement and thus serve the interests of our clients.  Maureen and Patrick do not charge a higher fee when they co-mediate.

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