June 16, 2024

Welcome to O'Hara & Duris Law

Maureen and Patrick

Patrick O'Hara and Maureen Duris

O’Hara & Duris has been founded to provide Santa Barbara with a quality resource for mediation and other alternative resolution services, civil litigation and appellate law representation as well as corporate counsel services.  Our mission is to provide aggressive representation of our litigation clients and compassionate mediation services to those who require assistance in resolving their disputes.

The firm’s principles, J. Patrick O’Hara and Maureen J. Duris, possess nearly 40 years of combined litigation experience and high-quality training as mediators.  They offer broad expertise as litigators in the areas of employment law, personal injury, real estate and other civil matters.  For those attorneys or parties already embroiled in litigation or involved in a civil dispute, O’Hara & Duris can provide professional, compassionate and dedicated mediation services.